Monday, 22 September 2008

Time flying

The reason I have so rarely updated this blog is because my chiefest enemy in writing the book, in fact, seems to be the Internet!I have therefore tried (with varying degrees of success) to avoid being online as I have pressed on with writing throughout the summer.

I read an interesting little book by Patrick Leigh Fermor the other day about the times he spent in European monasteries whilst trying to write. It was peaceful, with a simple life, and he loved it.

I was unable to find a good monastery to visit, but instead went up to my grandmothers old house in Shropshire for a week, which was quiet and productive. But now, I am back in London, and have less than three months to finish the book as well as two or three lectures to give a week in schools. I am again, trying to persuade myself to treat this as a challenge, not a problem!