Wednesday, 19 August 2009

"The slower day will never come...?"

Well, I have decided to try and keep this blog updated more often from now on!

Life seems very hectic at the moment - my book is out tomorrow (and apparently already in the shops), DVD is in mass production and almost ready... and to add to all that, I am getting married in less than 20 days!

A few months ago, whilst in the midst of writing against a long-missed-deadline I remember thinking that "once I finish this book, I will be able to relax and life will suddenly be easy and far less busy...". However, as it turned out, I have been just as busy as ever.

It reminds me of Rob Parson's wise saying that, however much we may persuade ourselves otherwise, we just have to accept that "the slower day will never come."


Alan said...

Just in the middle of reading your book, really enjoying it! Stumbled upon your blog here...congratulations on getting married!! I've just got to the part in the book where you're in Papua New Guinea and recently met Christine. Great stuff!

Kaushi said...

I Love your Show !! My partner and I watch it , and are so amazied how you actually did it.. job well done !!amazing !!!