Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A new (mini) expedition with Al

To mark the beginning of 2010, and because I have barely been back into the wild since completing the bicycle trip, tomorrow, Al Humphreys and I will embark on a short, new expedition together. Hopefully this one will not last three years.

Silly though it may sound, we plan to walk a lap of the M25 (the motorway which runs in a circle around London) off-road, sleeping rough in fields and forests along the way. It's about 200 miles(ish), we have 8 days to complete it, though with 16 inches of snow forecast tonight, this might be harder than it sounds!

Our main goals for the trip are:
- have a fun, cheap adventure
- remind ourselves that you don't have to fly to Siberia to have an adventure, there is plenty to do just beyond our doorsteps
- to learn a bit more about our own country - its people and its landscapes.

I'll let you know how we get on once its done!

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Roj said...

Great to meet you and Al at The Oaks PH. Pleased you enjoyed the band Sheila's Tequilas and that you had a comfortable night in the snow. I hope you contune to have an interesting journey. Looking forward to wandering through your site. All the best, Roj (cycling up the Thames)dotfreemusic@btinternet.com